Decorating Tips For Any Room

24 April 2018

Looking to re-decorate a room but have no idea where to start? Not everyone is a creative type and unfortunately there is no rule book for decorating, however there are some tried and tested rough guidelines to help you get a great result every time!
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Embrace Autumn

15 March 2018

The sun is rising later, the leaves are falling fast and there’s a chill in the air, it can only mean Autumn has arrived! With this seasonal change comes some great design tips to keep you in the know:
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Dining Room Décor

20 February 2018

Your dining room is the central gathering spot in your home, it’s where everyone gathers around the table to share meals and special memories so no matter what the size, make it a room to be proud of with these simple dining room décor tips:
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Timeless Decorating Trends

15 January 2018

With home decorating trends changing constantly it’s not always easy keeping up to date with what’s trending this season and of course it can be fairly pricey! Here are some great home decor trends that will keep your style current for years to come!
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Finding your Window Treatment Style

08 November 2017

Whether your look is traditional, contemporary or somewhere in between, make your window treatments match your design personality
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