Security Screens


  • High-tensile industrial-woven stainless steel mesh
  • Stainless steel hook and latch lock with anti-lifting pins for improved tamper-proof security
  • Double framing, heavy-duty hinges and rollers, as well as stainless steel wheel sets, provide robust strength and easy operation
  • Operational as single- or double-hinged, sliding, multi-fold or xed stiles
  • Optional built-in alarm, which can be connected to existing system
  • Advanced surface treatment and coating procedure prevents rust and ensures longevity in any climate

Upgrade your home security with robust security screens. This ultra-convenient solution, primarily designed as a burglar guard to protect against intruders, has the added benefit of keeping out other unwanted guests, including mosquitoes, flies, snakes, monkeys, baboons and more.

The aluminium-framed stainless steel screens offer tamper-proof protection and an optional alarm that can be connected to your existing system for added security.

Choose from various configurations, including fixed, stacking, hinged, or bi-fold options, for windows and doors, with multiple colour options to suit your aesthetic. Dog or cat flaps can be integrated for your pets to pass through freely.

Enjoy complete peace of mind with security screens that provide protection without obstructing your views or airflow.

Fully framed with security-grade aluminium for structural strength and anti-corrosion, they are robust, durable and long-lasting.

Custom-made to fit most door and window configurations, they offer unique dual-purpose protection against intruders and insects and can add considerable value to your property.

The mesh screens can also block harmful UV rays by up to 50%, preventing sun damage to furniture and appliances, regulating internal temperatures, and reducing glare.

With anti-rust properties, our security screens are a truly reliable solution for coastal and inland conditions.