Tecwood Venetian Blinds


Supply of Windovert TECWOOD VENETIAN BLINDS in 50mm slats, in your colour choice, inclusive of components and operating system. 

  • No. of blinds, widths, heights and type of fixing required for accurate pricing
  • Specify whether manual or motorised operation required
  • Refer to our Windovert ONLINE ESTIMATOR to get an estimated price
  • More information on our WARRANTY

The Windovert TECWOOD VENETIAN BLIND has been developed to compliment our range of 50mm Venetian blinds.

  • The blinds are available in 50mm slats only
  • The material used is a composite material enabling use of this product in moist areas
  • It meets International standards in color fastness and heat stability. International Test Results for COLOR FASTNESS AND HEAT RESISTENCE are available
  • Blinds can be made up to 2 500mm wide but due to the mass of the blind we do not recommend sizes exceeding 4,5 m2 overall.
  • Offered using Ladder String, 10mm Ladder Tape or 25mm Ladder tape in various colors