While performing exactly the same function as a shutter, the Shutterguard product acts a substantial security barrier.

  • Full adjustable slats are available in 89mm widths only.
  • Made of rust proof materials it can be installed both internally and externally.
  • A full range of configurations are available.
  • There are a limited range of colours on offer.
  • Special colours can be supplied with minimum quantities required.
  • Superbly manufactured by Taylor Blinds we are proud to offer you this product.


Recommended Specification for Specifiers

“Supply and installation of Windovert Shutterguard with 89mm width slats (or similar and approved) in colour …….. inclusive of all components and operating system”

  1. No. of widths and heights required. Total m2 is not enough to get accurate quote.
  2. Maximum height 3000mm.
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