Enjoy the winter sun on your terms


As autumn packs her bags to leave and winter arrives, what once was a warm day turns crisp and chilly. This cold guest brings frosty feelings that send a shiver down your spine as your toes touch the cold floor in the morning.

You reach for your woolly socks and winter jersey from the back of your wardrobe and feel the presence of a season characterised by crackling firewood, cosy layers, and eagerly waiting a little longer for your kettle to boil. You cling to each brief moment of warmth, with pockets of steam rising from your mug as you sip your freshly brewed coffee.

Entering your living room, you open your newly installed motorised roller blinds and soak in the soft rays of sunshine. On this still winter morning, you appreciate the warmth of the winter sun streaming into your home, energising your soul and body for the day ahead.

As you go about your busy day filled with the usual chaos of modern life, the midday sun begins to glare through your hallway windows. You gently adjust your Venetian blinds, redirecting the sunlight at your whim, as your focus quickly shifts back to your next task.

When the afternoon sun creeps its way across your floors, you savour the last bit of warmth this short winter day has to offer. And before the sun dips behind the horizon, you effortlessly close your classic shutters to keep that precious warmth inside your home through the frosty night.

The fleeting moments of comfort between your important daily activities make all the difference. The best part is that Windovert products give you the luxury of control, so you can decide when and where to direct the winter sun to gather the warmth throughout the day and preserve it throughout the evening.

Contact us today for trusted advice on quality products that assist you in sunlight control, temperature regulation and heat retention - keeping your home cool in summer AND warm in winter.