Trendy window treatments that are so hot right now

When renovating or redecorating, window treatments  can often be overlooked or left to last because furniture and décor items take preference on the list of budget priorities. The reality is, window treatments can often be what guides a room’s style because it takes up the most square meterage, so it makes sense to consider your options upfront.

At Windovert we believe that  window treatments should be at the top of the design list for any renovation or redesign as it brings the whole design of a room together. So whether you in need of an upgrade or a complete overhaul, we’ve gathered a few trendy window treatments that are on the cutting edge of fashion and function. 

Here are our top trendy window treatments:

The perfect combo

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Enjoy the best of both worlds and go for both blinds and drapes. The above image perfectly showcases how this can be done effectively. The seamless combination of how the drapes perfectly match the blinds at the top but then have a block of accent colour beneath the window ledge. It makes for an interesting and effective choice. You can achieve this look with the Windovert Lantex fabric venetian blind. Available in a variety of colours, so getting the perfect colour combination won’t be a problem. 


Let the light shine in

One trend that never goes out of style is using window treatments that allow natural light into a space. Windovert shutters are ideal for light, wind and ventilation control. Not only do they enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home, they are available in a variety of materials and colours and can be made to fit any application. 


Naturally stylish

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The push toward a more energy-efficient world doesn’t exclude interior design. Blinds or shutters are particular efficient at managing natural light, allowing more in during the day for enhanced energy efficiency. Natural, sustainable woods, like bamboo are growing in popularity. Windovert has a variety of patterns and colours in their woven and bamboo wood blinds.


Simplicity is key

The biggest trend in interior and architectural design is a return to simplicity. This simplistic styling not only makes an interior look more spacious but lends itself to tighter more constrained living. Blinds are the perfect companion to assist in this visual “ space creation”, allowing for the space around a window to appear larger and more open.


Go for the metallic trend

A window treatment trend that is making a major comeback in the interior design space is metallic fabrics. From metallic furniture to small décor pieces, this trend is back and we believe it’s here to stay. Silver, bronze and gold metallics are making a grand appearance in living rooms and bedrooms alike. The Windovert aluminum venetian blinds come in a silver metallic finish which fits perfectly into this trend. 

With so many trendy window treatments to choose from, make sure the treatment you settle on fits the core purpose of your design. Get a free quote from your nearest Windovert franchise today.