Turn your house into a home with these winter inspired décor tips

The chilly air is slowly setting in which means winter is fast approaching! As temperatures start to drop it’s time to warm things up, so it’s also the perfect excuse to give your home a mini makeover. 

There’s nothing more comforting than coming home to a warm inviting space where you can kick back, relax and get cosy with lush colours and trendy winter inspired décor.

Here are our top winter inspired décor trends:

Get cozy with lush winter inspired décor textures

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Hot home décor textures in 2018 include boho chic, wicker and luxurious velvet. This trend lends itself to both traditional and contemporary homes. A great way to include this trend into your home is with scatter cushions or ottomans. It’s inexpensive and easy to swop out when temperatures start rising later in the year. 


Warm things up with colour

Colours such as orange and earthy tones are the perfect hues to warm up a space. Whether used on your walls, flooring or window treatments, there’s always a way to incorporate this décor trend into your home. Windovert’s Lantex Fabric Venetian blinds in country redwood, pecan or cocoa could be the addition that your home needs. Not only are these blinds light weight, dust proof and water proof, it will give you the perfect light control, allowing the warm winter sun to creep in, warming up your home naturally.


Make first impressions last with a statement door

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They say first impressions last longest so the obvious place to start is with your front door. Say good-bye to boring brown, white or black doors and try injecting a pop of colour to liven up the upcoming dull wintery days. Let your personality run wild and make a statement with a colourful front door. 


Metallic Magic

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Warm brassy furniture pieces, mirrors and accessories all help to add a luxurious finish to any room. Lamps, vases and frames are the perfect way to inject this new trend into a room without having to invest in larger, expensive furniture pieces.

These trendy winter décor tips will definitely raise the temperature in your home.