Cost-Effective Ways To Restyle Your Living Room


If you’ve researched all the latest 2019 living room trends and are all fired up and ready to start throwing out all the outdated décor, only to realise how expensive all the new and trending décor and design items are, then don’t get disheartened!

There are many ways to liven up this space without breaking the bank. It just takes a little creativity and out-of-the-box thinking. Take a look at these cost-effective ways to restyle your living room for some inspiration.

1. Floors


If you’ve ever done your own home renovations before, then you’ll know that retiling can get expensive quickly! Fortunately, there are alternative options such as concrete and laminate flooring – which are right on trend. Concrete flooring has to be the most cost-effective choice, as all it requires is ripping up your outdated flooring to reveal the concrete underneath, and polishing or staining the surface to finish it off.

To bring balance to the rough, raw texture of concrete, you can use soft materials in your window coverings – a window covering like the Lantex Fabric Venetian blind would be a great option here.

2. Walls


With floral wallpaper being one of the hottest 2019 living room trends, it’s hard to ignore the fresh fun appeal it has and exclude it from your design update. Great news – you can capture the essence of the floral wallpaper look at half the price with vinyl stickers. They are a great décor option as they are easy to remove and change up every now and then. Plus, these days there are hundreds of different designs available, including stunning florals like peonies and poppies (which are 2019’s crowning glories).

In terms of window coverings that will work with this trend, it’s best to opt for fabric blinds like Roller Blinds and Lantex Fabric Venetian blinds or wooden shutters such as Timber Shutters or Tecwood Shutters to complete this fantastically feminine look.

3. Colourful Centrepieces


Blush pinks, mustards and emerald greens are unquestionably the living room colours of the year, but these colours are especially popular when it comes to living room couches. Of course, buying a new set of seating on a tight budget is rather challenging. So, instead of buying a brand-new mustard couch to form your design focal point, why not invest in some new window coverings such as Roller Binds and use these as your colourful design anchor? These come in a wide variety of fabric colours, but can also be custom made with the colour of your choice.

Now that you’ve read through these , we hope you’re excited to unleash your design creativity!

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